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when in Rome...

7 October 1988
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where are we going?...

Welcome to my corner of Livejournal. You'll find I'm a classic animated Disney nut, along with being a general Broadway nut, and Greek/Roman myth/history nut, and a Doctor Who nut... So, I suppose you could just call me an all around nut (I would normally add "in a nutshell" but that would be a disturbing amount of nuts). Also, I'm prone to relapses into 80s & 90s slang, it's a hard habit to break. Mad love for the disturbing family flicks from the 80s & 90s too, you know, the ones that actually ended up scarring my generation, like The Neverending Story, Secret of NIMH, Legend, etc.

Doctor Who (new series), Rome, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Tudors, LOST, Entourage, Fawlty Towers, random Disney, Clone High

Ancient history, travel, books, photography, DVDs, Photoshop, theatre, bike rides, a good satire, good memories with great friends.

note: header photo by me, coding by minty-peach.

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